Prophecies about Europe


European Faith Missions does not officially endorse or embrace the following prophecies (or the websites they are found on), but offers them here only as food for thought.
ONE 21 Sharing of thoughts received by intercessors during the watches for Europe :
1) Europe and his “birthright”:
As I glanced through Hebrew 12, the verses 15 and 17 especially spoke to me:
“15 See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many. 16 See that no one is sexually immoral, or is godless like Esau, who for a single meal sold his inheritance rights as the oldest son. 17 Afterward, as you know, when he wanted to inherit this blessing, he was rejected. Even though he sought the blessing with tears, he could not change what he had done.”
The first verse, in some way, reminds us the reasons why we humiliate and repent for our European nations. Then, reading more, I got the following thought:
We could say that, as Esaü, Europe received a birthright: during several centuries, it was the centre of the Christendom, the agent of the message of the Gospel. It had received the message of the Gospel to spread it in all the nations of the world. Its Judeo-Christian inheritance moreover contributed largely to its prosperity and its wealth.
However, the history shows us that, as Esaü, it neglected, sometimes even, despised, this birthright. It forgot that it was responsible for passing on what made its own wealth and its prosperity. Instead of loving the inheritance and making it fruit, it used its influence to dominate and grow rich (Crusades, domination of peoples, slave trade, colonisation), denying the love which made its strength.
Our Nations thus have to repent and we, pushed by the Spirit, have to make it for them so that they are not definitively rejected as Esaü who " was not able to bring his father to change feeling " (Translation of Heb 12: 17c, Segond edition version of Geneva 79) or “He could bring about no change of mind » (New International Version  1984).
“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour. Matthew 25:13


"Over Europe, there were angels with keys in the hands. I heard first, then I saw, a chain falling. By looking closely, I saw that all Europe was strewed with a multitude of isolated and chained persons. They could not either go the one towards the other, or communicate. At once a chain fell, and then another one. The freed persons went one towards the other and embraced one another.”


Picture of Europe that had an uniform colour: There were no more frontiers between the different lands. There was uniformity, even among the persons, as if no more difference would exist.
The idea here is that the Lord wants to give the intercessors one heart. So the differences fall down because the intercessors manifest Jesus nature and this becomes visible.


It is really the time to work to move the ground with the image of "eradicated roots" - representing iniquity - and that of "pebbles thrown to the sea" - meaning the sins. Many things have been already cleared by intercession, but it is necessary to continue to deepen further on.
PICTURE: people who had watches in their hands. There is an urgency in the timing; it is necessary to work fast to have time to plant, to let everything be in the time of the Lord.
Importance of persevering in intercession for children, youth, of persevering in repentance; but don’t let us forget to praise our Lord and to thank Him for all the good inheritance brought by the previous generations (the reformers, Joan of Arc…).
5) PICTURES received during a times of intercession:
“I saw Jesus walking slowly, as if He came out the mists of time, and He went to the near future. He held a big key in His hand and went towards a chain at the end of which there was a coal nut, and He opened the lock of this coal nut to make the coal nut fall."
6) " I saw a small cloth bag made of black velvet put on the map of Europe. The Lord plunged the hand inside and took out a magnificent cut diamond. This diamond represented a nation of Europe. There were lots of other precious stones in this bag, there were diamonds, and the Lord wants to take out all of them and to reveal the jewel that every nation is. Later on, when these nations belong to Him, He will put them on His crown,. They will be the crown jewels of Jesus."
7) PICTURE received before entering into this new stage of repentance,
for the nations of Europe this time:
"I had the image of a stadium during the opening ceremony of Olympics when every nation parades represented by all or any of the members of its delegation and by its standard bearer. It was only about nations of Europe. Things took place so: a new delegation entered, the standard bearer in the lead; this one represents in fact the leader of the nation. The delegation moved forward during the first whole straight line, at the end of which, whether it took its place by continuing its walking going to stand next to the nation which had paraded previously, or, at the end of this first straight line, it left the stadium because there was an exit there.


"In the centre of the stadium stood the Lord. That each nation takes its own position around Him, beside the other nations of Europe that have made it, that is the plan of the Lord. But the intercessors have to act, to introduce the movement so that every nation is enabled to take its place and not take the exit by rejecting the Lord. If a nation of Europe does not take its place, there will be an empty space that no other nation can fill. This nation will be missing. The stake is there, now is the time, and the nations are walking. The exit is a real danger, and it's as if, this time, it was a point of no return."


"While I watched, I saw the Lord putting His hands on the heart of Europe, beginning a cardiac massage, in order to bring the earth back to life."


"As I was watching and praying for the Jewish people, I saw them as the prodigal son. He couldn’t or did not want to recognise the reality of what the Father had to offer him and preferred to lose a part of the heritage: Jesus the Redeemer.
"Let’s pray and ask for the Jewish people becoming aware of this reality, and for their repentance and returning to the Father as the prodigal son did."


Several intercessors share that they have received a special burden for one country in particular. If the Lord puts a particular nation on our heart, it is for a special reason. Let us then pray faithfully for this nation.
Certain nations are in blessing in Europe because of positive choices, for example, Poland which has a Christian government. Others by opening doors to the darkness bring a definite curse on Europe (Ezekiel 21 v29).
It is important that intercessors, foreign to a nation, pray to support the fight of the intercessors who are part of that nation. It is as an allied army which comes to lend a hand to the army on the inside. Together they fight the battle for victory over darkness. It is in praise, worship and proclamation that the fight is conducted and the Lord makes His compassion flow into our heart for the nations, the burden of which He puts on us.
An intercessor says that they, especially since the beginning of the watches for Europe, have received a special burden for Russia, and shares this: "I feel a change, I do not know how to say what exactly, but I perceive cracks in its ground. These will allow the redeeming blood to infiltrate and to act according to the heart of the Father."


While praying about the "law for the marriage for all" (same-sex marriage), I had this thought that this perversion hides bad spirits which could strengthen the power of the spirit of Islam (Luke 11 v24-26). It could open even more widely the door to Islam, even arousing a bigger contempt towards Europeans. Let’s persevere in intercession so that people continue to mobilise massively to make the enemy lose ground.
12) A dream in 2 sequences:
"Here’s my dream:
First sequence:  I see a young boy surrounded by other people. He is limping badly, having been assaulted by … a monster?


Second sequence:  the boy is a young man now. I see the open mouth of an enormous fish ready to gobble him up … I wake up just before …


Here is what I think the Lord wants to say to us:


In support of the laws which are proposed here in France (which will mean massive changes in our society if they are instituted) there is a wide-ranging effort being made to influence children. In the name of 'tolerance', there is a move to normalise the perception of homosexuality so that it is perceived as equal to heterosexuality. Even in nursery school, stories and cartoons are being devised where 2 little male fish fall in love with each other and 2 pretty princesses get married.
No doubt that the people behind these plans mean well but remember the second sequence of the dream - it is not that simple: the boy is devoured by the monster.
Let’s pray particularly in the coming days so that the voices of those who mobilise against these inequitable laws will be heard and so that the laws will be rejected.
"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." James 5 v16



Americans, like many others, have “largely ignored this European revolution” although European leaders have openly stated that in the coming century “the united Europe is determined to challenge American claims to global supremacy and gain equal standing with the United States on the world stage” (The United States of Europe, pp. 6, 228).


The author relates how British Prime Minister Tony Blair summarized the goal of Europe's politicians: “We are building a new world superpower. The European Union is about the projection of collective power, wealth, and influence. That collective strength makes individual nations more powerful—and it will make the EU as a whole a global power” (ibid., p. 4). Reid concludes, “A geopolitical earthquake is taking place in Europe that will have a profound effect on the world of the twenty-first century and America’s place in it—but so far most Americans [and Britons, Canadians and Australians] have chosen to overlook the tremors” (ibid., p. 227).

Tony Blair is not the only political leader with grand visions for Europe. Romano Prodi, former head of the European Commission, has stated, “Europe's time is almost here. In fact, there are many areas of world affairs where… Europe is already the superpower” (ibid., p. 25).


Though Europe occupies only 6 percent of the earth's surface and has only 12 percent of the earth’s population, it holds 40 percent of the world’s wealth and conducts more than 50 percent of the world’s commerce. The Euro is the world’s strongest currency, and the EU is the world’s largest trade market. Bureaucrats in Brussels now make business regulations that govern industries around the globe. European consortiums such as Airbus are overtaking former industry leaders like Boeing. Based on such developments, French President Jacques Chirac has grandly proclaimed, “Europe can become the number-one power in the multi-power world of tomorrow” (Superstate, Haseler, p. 67). Chirac is merely echoing the dreams and ambitions of another famous French leader, Charles de Gaulle, who proclaimed that a united Europe “from the Atlantic to the Urals will decide the fate of the world” (ibid., p. 68). In addition to becoming a major civilian and economic power, Europe is also “located in a pivotal global position… crucially placed at the center of a web of civilizations” between America, Africa, Russia, the Middle East and China (ibid., p. 70). For all these reasons, and more, a unified Europe will be a power to be reckoned with in the years ahead.


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Ultimately a new and powerful European superstate, labeled in symbol as “the Beast,” will astonish a largely unsuspecting world. An imposing bloc of nations will coalesce as one final revival of the ancient Roman Empire (Revelation 13:1-8; 17:8-18; Daniel 2:37-45; 7:15-27).
Ten member nations (or groups of nations) will relinquish their own national sovereignty to become part of this astonishing end-time superpower. “These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast” (Revelation 17:13).
These disturbing events will affect the whole world—including setting the stage for the devastatingly dangerous times in which human extinction would happen without God’s intervention (Matthew 24:21-22). Since all that Bible prophecy foretells is sure to happen, we should all heed the words of the apostle Peter. He asked in light of the impermanence of the world around us: “What manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness?” (2 Peter 3:11).
Seeing the stage set for the fulfillment of end-time prophecies should motivate each of us to examine our spiritual condition in the light of God’s Word. An understanding of prophecy ought to lead us to repentance and to dedicate our lives to seeking God and serving Him. Mere academic Bible knowledge is far from enough!
Jesus Christ plainly tells us in Luke 21:36: “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man”!


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A sovereign move of God will flow like a spring snow melt that begins with a trickle as the initial snow pack melts, then gains strength and rushes and roars into various watersheds for a season that will change the face of European Christianity. For more on this prophecy click here
The Bible clearly says that in the last days 10 nations will rise out of the ancient Roman Empire.  Many (not all) believe these 10 nations could rise out of the European Union as we now see the “strong mixed with weak” nations of Europe re-uniting into a powerful federation . . . (Others suggest the 10 nations may represent worldwide trading blocs of nations, or the UN, or NATO, or nations out of the Eastern leg of the Roman Empire, which was based out of Constantinople in Turkey.)
It is worth noting that the leaders of France, Italy, Germany, and England have called for the need to have a “powerful leader” lead and head the new and rising European Union. In a moment of time this man would immediately possess the power over all of Europe that eluded Adolph Hitler (Germany), Kaiser Wilhelm (Germany), Napoleon Bonaparte (France), and the monarchies of England, Spain, and others to gain and restore the dominion and power of the ancient Roman Empire.
Are you have a hard time believing in God?  Just watch the news.  Why? Because God is warning us . . .
The lost 10 tribes of Israel (deported and dispersed abroad by the Assyrians in the 7th century BC) are thought by some to be found in the form of modern-day countries in Europe and America. For example, they view Britain as modern-day Ephraim and America as the tribe of Manasseh. It is a long story for which we have not space to elaborate further. The fact is that the 10 northern tribes were never lost. All 12 tribes of Israel are today represented by the Jews (this latter term finding its root originally in the word Judah). The New Testament (of course, documenting a time over 700 years later than the 7th century B.C.) mentions the names of the 10 northern tribes (Also, see Luke 2:36 which names the House of Israel tribe of Asher as being the ancestor of Anna the prophetess). Therefore, the Israel of today is already a blend of the House of Judah and the House of Israel. The prophecy found in Ezekiel 37:19-22) - the two houses of Israel and Judah being made into one stick - has already been fulfilled.


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The Lord told Jean Darnall that He would also raise up highly anointed preachers who would move in signs and wonders. These people would be a gift to Britain. The word ‘communicators’ was strongly laid upon Jean’s heart and was a word that was not trendy in those days. The internet was not be birthed until nearly three decades later in 1994 and Christian television first came to Britain via satellite in October 1995.
Jean explained that as the rivers of fire moved, it would produce powerfully-gifted communicators who would address the nation through the media, through the arts, journalism, radio and television. Actors, singers, teachers and powerful communicators who have an anointing to work through the media will be the new warriors that the Lord is raising up for His army [the younger generation] to reach the heart of the people on the European continent. People with a special anointing will be sent out from these islands (of Britain) to other nations.  For more information on this prophecy click here.