Serving Europe - the story so far


Alisa’s Story
As sometimes happens, in doing a pleasurable service for the Lord, I discovered that what I was doing was actually my calling.  Since about 2004 I have sought out missionaries in order to encourage them and pray for them.  In February 2010, on a boat leaving a missionary’s house in Venice, God revealed to me that He was calling me to encourage and support missionaries in Europe.
Upon my return to my home in the US, I immediately began working on two projects: one was to get my visa to live in Italy, and the other was to start a non-profit organization to encourage missionaries in Europe.  Both were accomplished with astonishing speed.  I had the visa in two months.  The attorneys warned that tax-exempt status could take up to two years!  But the IRS granted the non-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt status in only eight weeks.
In May 2010 I moved to Milan, Italy as the first “missionary to missionaries” for Barnabas European Ministries (not affiliated with any other Barnabas organization).  Though based in Italy, the vision and calling is for all of Europe. 


After first establishing a presence in Italy, I began to move out into the rest of Europe, starting by going on a Faith Trip in which only God knew the itinerary.  The story of my Faith Trip is told day-by-day in “Look, Listen, Love,” available from the publisher. 


Up to 2015 I have visited missionaries in fourteen European countries, and have established contact with missionaries in an additional twenty countries.  
In 2012 the organization changed names to become European Faith Missions (EFM), and welcomed GoMissions ( into the ministry.  GoMissions founder Sally Davis became EFM’s second missionary support personnel. In 2014 we welcomed US missionary and singer songwriter Allegra Fletcher to our core team.
The EFM team is rounded out by our US-based Secretary/Treasurer, Laurie Deal Badgley, who keeps things running smoothly.

Together we are committed to encouraging the missionaries who share the love of Jesus with the people of Europe.


You might be wondering “Why Europe?”  The definitive prayer guide, Operation World (, describes Europe as “the least Christian continent on Earth.”