European Faith Missions + GoMissionsEurope

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European Faith Missions - prayer, collaboration and hospitality



Meet the Team


The 4-strong European Faith Missions - and GoMissionsEurope - team is based in Italy and the USA. (L to r Allegra, Sally and Alisa.) This photo was taken at the former EFM Missions House in Milan, Italy, with our Admin director - Laurie - present in 'spirit' in the photo Sally is holding!


We are all women of faith with a strong heart to see Europe won for Christ. Alisa and Sally are based permanently in Italy (Milan and Rome respectively) and Allegra in the USA but visiting Europe often. Laurie is based permanently in the USA.


Missionaries play a key role in bringing a message of hope and salvation to Europe. Our heart is to see missionaries supported, honoured, and being as effective as possible, and to see many more come to Europe.



GoMissionsEurope - putting people in contact 


With our contacts with missionaries and churches around Europe we invite them to notify us of their needs for practical help.


Maybe you are a Christian organisation, or church needing more people to help you in your work for the Lord. Why not let us know? 


If you are a missionary at heart and feel that God is calling you to Europe. please let us know if you would like us to forward your details to any ministries we know that need help. Most missionaries  raise their own financial support. God is faithful.



The Future


God is doing a new thing here in Europe. As we eagerly await Christ's return, we want to be tuned in to what the Holy Spirit would have us do.


We see a hunger in Europe as people seek a real relationship with God. Tired of religion and tradition, people everywhere want to hear a real message of hope. EFM is instrumental in that.


The future? Many more men, women and children worshipping the true living God is Spirit and in truth.